The first two-week program of the IPL revealed


The first two-week program of the IPL revealed

Opening match between Chennai and Bangalore

       INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE [IPL]]released the schedule for the fist two weeks, during which 17 matches will be played ,of the 12th season of the cash-rich twenty20 league. under the captaincy of ms dhoni ,defending champions chennai super kings will face virat kohali ledroyal challengers bangalore in the opening match of IPL2019 on march 23 according is to a statement released by the ipl the schedule is still subject to the announcement of the loksabha 2019 election dates

          Indian Premiere Ling - The days of compilation days have been left to the beginning of 2019, but the organizers of the IPL have not been able to prepare the full program even after the announcement of the dates of the Lok Sabha elections. However, Indian Premier League has announced 17 matches for the first two weeks of the IPL. The application has been announced in the IPL In the first match on March 23 between the Dhoni Fans khelase diphendiga champions Chennai and Bangalore and teams will enjoy a mega-match Kohli

 After the announcement of the remaining matches, it will be decided after the talks with the organizers of the venues, the first match will be played on the home ground of Chennai Super Kings.
     According to the program announced by the IPL, all the teams in the 17th competition will face the challenge, according to the program currently announced, each team has the opportunity to organize two matches at home, while Delhi is the only team that will host three major
     Every team has to play at least four matches in two venues in Suruya in two weeks, while Delhi and Bangalore will play five-match matches. The Indian Cricket Board has announced an incomplete program to the IPL but the program has not announced the time of the match. Usually the afternoon match in the IPL starts from 4:00 pm and the night begins at 8:00 pm

The opening two-week program of the IPL

DARE             MATCH                                                PLCE                     TIME

23/3/2019       CHENNAI VS BENGLOR                    CHENNAI              EVENING

24/3/2019      KOLAKATA  VS HAIDRABAD           KOLAKATA           AFTERNOON

24/3/2019      MUMBAI VS DILHI                             MUMBAI                EVENING

25/3/2019      RAJASTHAN VS PANJAB                  JAYAPUR                EVENING

26/3/2019      DILHI VS CHENNAI                            DILHI                      EVENING

27/3/2019      KOLAKATA VS PANJAB                     KOLAKATA            EVENING

28/3/2019      ENGALOR VS MUMBAI                    BENGLOR                EVENING

29/3/2019      HAIDRABAD VS RAJASTHAN        HAIDRABAD            EVENING

30/3/2019      PANJAB VS  MUMBAI                       MOHALI                   AFTERNOON

30/3/2019       DILHI VS KOLAKATA                       DILHI                       EVENING

31/3/2019      HAIDRABAD VS  BENGALOR          HAIDRABAD         AFTERNOON

31/3/2019       CHENNAI VS  RAJASTHAN               CHENNAI              EVENING

1/4/2019        PANJAB VS  DILHI                              MOHALI                  EVENING

2/4/2019        RAJASTHAN VS  BENGALOR          JAYAPUR                 EVENING

3/4/2019        MUMBAI VS   CHENNAI                  MUMBAI                   EVENING
4/4/2019        DILHI  VS   HAIDRABAD                DILHI                          EVENING

5/4/2019        BENGLOR VS KOLAKATA              BENGLOR                   EVENING

  In 2009, the whole IPL was held in South Africa, while in 2014, some matches of the IPL were canceled in UAE. This year, because of the World Cup on the ground in England, the IPL did not happen. The program has been modified. ICC Cricket Mahakumbh will be held from May 30 to July 14 in England. So far, the IPL matches started from the first week of April. However, this time around, the World Cup has been taken into consideration and it has been decided to start the IPL season from 23rd March on Saturday.

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