Ultimatum till 28th of teachers

Ultimatum till 28th of teachers

Highly dissatisfied with the performance of the President of the Primary Teacher Union
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There is a discussion between the primary teachers union and the committee formend by the govermment on monday the fight against the states primary teachers seniority The following strateies can be datermined after this round. On the other hand, the teachers have give the deadline to settle thequestion before 28 february. Tue if the teachers question are not resolved by 28,the immediate union should declare programs or otherwise the attitude of the leaders of the union should be resigned in the teacher. The teacher in from of theprimary teachers union digvijay jadeja also ther is angry and teacher have also expressed doubts about the presidents performance and have also advised him to resign.

Theteachers of gandhinagar, who did not solve the state govermments primary teacher since the year 1997, were notsatisfied. Following that,the govermment assured that the committee of the immediate three ministers should resolve their issues. Now the meeting between primary teachers union and committee is likeiy to be met on mondy. It has also been noticed that teachers are becoming more aggressive.

There is a lot of embarrassment among teachers against the head of the primary union, and teachers have raised some in-depth questions against presidents work .in the case of ST employees, the question of why it was decided to settle adolescents without the guarantee of writing. Apart from this, all the office bearers of STs weredetained, while the teachers expressed their suspiction about why only the president was detained in the teachers. The teacher also questioned the President that if the questions ofo the STs areresolved and teachers are not resolved, then the teacher should doubt the President. So if the teacher s questions before the ST-if resolved, resign as the president.

Although the govermment does not accept teachers demands,they are ready to fight against Gandhinagar, and despite being not President and Gandhinagars program, the teachers has also given the example of the program and has suggested for the immediate formmattion of the next strategy. Teachers heve prepared to wait till 28th. After that, we have prepared for not a govermment, or office bearers. The 285 leaders have asked the President to solve the question, and if the questios are not solved then theprograms should be declared by the primary Teacher union, otherwise the President should resign from the post and tell them to fight the teachers. Sanghs general secretary Satish Patel said that the govermment will probably negotiate with the office bearers of primary teachers on mondy. The primary after the talks

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