रक्षा बजट पर कौन बेहतर- मोदी या मनमोहन जाने पूरा जानकरी

Before reading this article related to the defense budget and reading the data in the river, read these two lines written by historian Jeffrey Blainey ...

"War usually ends when warring countries understand and strengthen the power of each other, and the war usually begins when this country refuses to understand each other's strengths. Give. "

After reading these lines, you may now have understood why this article is important.

India is a country that is stuck between neighbors like China and Pakistan. Both of these neighbors are equipped with nuclear powers.

India has fought a war with both of these countries in history and at present, there is constant conflict between India and India on small issues.

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Among all these, there are all the challenges within India, which only need to call the army of Gaheb Bagh to solve.

To face these external and inner challenges, the country needs a strong army.

Lakhs of young people are recruited in the Indian Army. There are many ways to try to increase their abilities.

Governments also spend separately for the defense budget in the general budget presented every year.

NDA's defense budget

Let's explore some old figures and see who among the NDA and the UPA government paid more attention to the defense budget.

In 2014, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the country's new government, he did not have a full-time defense minister.

Arun Jaitley, who was managing the finance ministry, was given additional charge of the Ministry of Defense.

At that time many people believed that this would benefit the army of the country because the finance minister will also have the key to the Defense Ministry.

But what really happened all this, put a glance

On July 10, 2014, Arun Jaitley presented the first budget of the new government. In this, he allocated Rs 2,33,872 crore for the army.

This figure was more than 5 thousand crores more than the final budget presented by the UPA Government in February 2014.

In this way, NDA increased the expenditure on military force roughly 9 percent.

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