The formal education in India has received greatly increased emphasis and development, since India gained independence. More adequate funds have been channeled into education and many new programs have been launched. One of the significant developments was the establishment of the Extension Services Project. The Extension Services Centers, located in selected teacher training colleges, carry out a program of in-service teacher education.

       These Extension ServicesCenters have played a vital role not only in the in-service education of teachers but also in the reconstruction of secondary education.

     The 69 Extension Centers and the 24 newly-started Extension Units, distributed in all the states of the country, are now reaching approximately 80 percent of the training colleges and 90 percent of
the secondary schools through the in-service program.

     The Ministry of Education has envisaged an even greater role for the Extension Servicesthan doing merely in-service training. The Ministry is encouraging the Extension Centers and Units to detect, evaluate and interpret problems and needs in terms of practical solutions and workable possibilities. The task is a stupendous one for the Extension Services, but one well worth trying.

     The writer of this observe has been the coordinator of the department of extension services, st. Christopher's training university, madras, india, from november, 1958 to august, 1963. she had evolved unique subject for the in-carrier schooling of teachers at some stage in her several years of revel in in the schooling university, previous to the implementation of extension services. she represented her university and its extension branch at the numerous conferences and seminars held at delhi and other extension facilities. from her varied enjoy in operating with teachers in the colleges of madras country, she has freely drawn cloth and statistics for the writing of this dissertation.

  • Statement Of The Trouble

       The cause of this dissertation is to research the reputation and features of the prevailing in-provider trainer training application in india, to evaluate its effect on secondary colleges, and to provide guidelines and hints for the improvement of ,in-provider schooling. extra in particular the goals of the look at can be indexed as
(1) Io hint the records and growth of in-carrier education in india,

(2) To decide the practices and trends in organizing in- service schooling in india's secondary faculties,

(3) To analyze the lecturers' idea of in-provider training in terms of teacher needs, issues, and requirements,

(4) To decide the quantity of participation of instructors in terms of subjects, activities, and time,

(5) To study the critiques of teachers regarding the kind
of assist and guidance needed from the extension offerings,

(6) To have a look at the reviews of the administrators in regard
to the participation of the teachers in in-carrier activities,

(7) To examine the pointers of the administrators regarding the improvement of the extension services assignment,

8) To provide guidelines for the improvement of inservice education in india.

  • Plan And System

    For the evaluation of the present in-carrier instructor training program in india, it changed into determined that a quick background of teacher training programs should be included, since in-carrier training is one of the important subjects of the teacher education program. similarly, it regarded beneficial to trace in short the history of inservice schooling in india, and to point out its growth and development.

     Early within the look at it have become evident that the review of literature on in-provider training in main countries together with the america of the usa, the UK, and russia, eventhough a treasured help, might be a whole thesis via itself. for this reason the choice was made to restrict the evaluation to literature in india. it's miles needful, but, to base the look at on the concepts, techniques, and techniques of the in-provider training of the united states of the usa, although nonetheless operating inside a body of reference applicable to the desires and conditions of in-provider packages in secondary colleges in india. for that reason there is an opportunity to apply the wealth of material on in-service education to be had in the u.s.a. of the united states.

     The branch of extension services is the handiest all-india scheme implemented via the ministry of schooling for the effective corporation of in-carrier training for teachers of secondary colleges. as a result the development, agency, and functions of the department in addition to its important applications are defined in element. on the way to examine quantitatively the realities of the impact
of the extension services at the secondary colleges, in addition to the needs, troubles, and attitudes of the lecturers and administrators

     In the direction of the in-provider software, two units of questionnaires have been organized; one for instructors and the alternative for administrators. the questionnaires have been printed and distributed to 5'60 instructors and 112 administrators from 112 randomly selected secondary schools in'madras kingdom. madras state turned into used as the case examine for this research. all the secondary colleges, 1j.'689, that areaffiliated with the seven extension facilities in madras country had been considered as the "population" for the cause of this examine, because technically the seven extension centers cowl all the secondary faculties in madras nation. with the aid of a random sampling method, 16 faculties were selected from every extension center and questionnaires had been completed by 5 instructors from every of these 16 colleges. the administrators from those schools additionally finished the questionnaires appropriate for them. the go back on these questionnaires changed into 62 percent.

      The pointers and hints for similarly improvement of the extension services are primarily based on the evaluation of the questionnaires and the interpretation of the information accrued by way of method of those questionnaires.

   The dissertation begins with an appraisal of the teacher training and in-service schooling in india and progresses through the growth and improvement of in-carrier education, culminating in the implementation of the all-india extension offerings project, its agency, capabilities, duties, and main applications. the account closes with pointers and pointers for the further development of extension services. those guidelines are based totally on the questionnaires lower back through the pattern of instructors and directors from secondary faculties in madras nation, india.

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