The College Education Commission (1948-49)

The College Education Commission (1948-49)

The fee, installation straight away after independence under the chairmanship of dr sarvapalli radhakrishnan, deliberated at the goals of college schooling inside the context of new political changes inside the united states of america and expectations from the colleges as organs of civilisation. the commission visualised training as a method of building new india via project the subsequent steps.

(i)   Strengthening Democracy:

           The fee emphasized that education should aim at the development of body, thoughts and spirit of each character. therefore, each individual in a democratic society wishes to be acknowledged as a valuable asset and need to be enabled to expand his/her prospects in all dimensions and get adjusted to the society.

(ii)  Advertising Of Social Justice:

        Aadvertising of social justice is an vital pre-considered necessary for the achievement of a democracy. in the absence of equitable development ofall sections of the society it will be tough to bolster
democratic traditions within the us of a.

(iii)  Valuing Liberty: 

        The autonomy of every man or woman wishes to be respected and protected. the individuals
must learn how to defend their personal liberty in concept and expressions however on the identical time should be prepared to allow freedom to others.

(iv)  Selling Equality:

 A good way to make sure democratic manner of existence, it is vital to provide equality of opportunities to all people for which economic barriers shall have to be dismantled by means of presenting help to backward groups.

(v)  Promoting Fraternity—Country Wide: 

        With the intention to construct a strong new india, it's miles imperative to promote fraternal bonds among exclusive segments of the society and between specific regions of the usa. it desires to the
emphasized that, despite diversities, there may be cultural cohesion inside the united states.

(vi)  India’s Cultural Background And Past History:

        The Indian way of life has constantly developed since the duration of indus civilisation and remains evolving. as a result of interactions amongst numerous cultural streams, a composite indian culture has evolved inside the u . s . a .. there's want to study the past records of the united states of america.

(vii) Selling Fraternity—Global: There Is 

       There is a want to strike a stability between international mindedness and countrywide sentiments. through broadening the spirit of patriotism, we need to transport closer to the idea of positive peace and global citizenship.

     The above discussion on pursuits of training makes it clear that we can not maintain actual freedom except we preserve the values of democracy, justice, liberty, equality and freedom.our educational system must find its guiding principles in the ambitions of social order for which it prepares and within the nature of the civilisation it hopes to construct.

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